Shubhangi Dwivedi

Shubhangi Dwivedi

Shubhangi Dwivedi is a young journalist. She believes that communication is the most powerful tool to start a revolution. She is a writer, a poet, and a theater enthusiast. She now works as a journalist for and believes that fitness can transform lives.

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  • Top 10 Fittest Bollywood Actors

    Bollywood actors are not only known for their acting but also their fit physique. When it comes to fitness no one takes it more seriously than our B-town stars. With the changing time, the fit body has become an essential part of the reel life hero. Actors have to work really har

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  • The perfect forearm exercise: 5 best exercises

    While doing workout people generally focus on few major muscles like Biceps, Legs, Triceps, Back, and other muscles, but we forget about some small muscles which play a major role in building these muscles. One of such muscles is Forearms (wrists). It is very important to focus o

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  • 5 Yoga Asanas for Increasing Strength and Flexibility

    Yoga is brings tremendous results to everyone who practices it daily. In this article, we are talking about five of the targeted yoga asanas, if you want to increase strength and flexibility of your body while balancing your mind at the same time.

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  • Body Mass: Learn the Recipe to Earn it!

    If you are looking for a healthy Mass Gainer, well this is the perfect video for you. Yatinder Singh not only teaches to make a super healthy and super tasty Mass Gainer/Weight Gainer at home but also tells about the possible harmful effects of Mass Gainer/Weight Gainer available

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  • Keep the Fit Play On like These Indian Sports Stars!

    Indian sports stars might not be able to hit the gym but their Instagram says a lot. From practice shots to home workout videos. Watch Pandya throwing workout challenges for Virat and others, to Virat overexcited while doing it! Well, your inspiration for the day is done!

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