Rajul Tiwari

Rajul Tiwari

Rajul Tiwari is the Editor-in-Chief at bodyandstrenth.com and has 18 years of experience in media, content, publishing and education. She has worked with media houses like Dainik Jagran, HIMCOM, NDTV, IBN, CNN and also has developed content for NGO’s linked with UNICEF. She is Managing Editor at Authors Pride Publisher (India). She is one of the editors of the prestigious NCERT book 'Veer Gatha: The story of Param Vir Chakra War Heroes of India'. She has won Editor's Choice Award twice (2002 and 2004) from International Library of Poetry (Washington, US) for her contribution to English poetry. She has trained over 3000 national and international students in English language who are now working with reputed media houses across the globe.

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  • Top 10 Best Gym Brands in India

    If you have been thinking of joining a gym and can’t make up your mind on which one, you have all the answers in this list provided these gyms are in your city. These fitness chains had a long journey in the Indian fitness market pre-COVID times and still standing up for your good health.

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  • 12 Best Dumbbell Exercises for Upper Body

    This is what exactly what fitness lovers need right now. Fitness icon Yatinder Singh talks about exercises that can be done at home with only a pair of dumbbells. He detailed everything from, what is to be done? how to do it? And the mistakes people usually do.

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  • Celebrating the Life Giving and Life Saving form of Exercise – Yoga

    This coverage is dedicated to the spirit of Yoga. The video features Tanny Bhatt, Jyoti Solanki, Megha Sharma and Mahima Jain. All the young women are the flag-bearers of the fitness industry and have come together for the cause of spreading Yoga Awareness.

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  • 8 Exercises to Fix Your Lower Back Pain

    In this article one of the most inspiring Indian bodybuilding icons, Yatinder Singh, who himself has braved a spine injury, tells you 8 ways in which you can fix your nagging back pain with a few exercises. So time to ditch your painkillers and help your lower back gain strength with pain relieving exercises.

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  • Home Biceps and Triceps Workout for Bigger Arms!

    Building biceps and triceps at home is a task which seems difficult if not impossible. But if you know exactly what you have to do and what exercises will impact you, you can perhaps make it look easy. In this article Yatinder Singh guides you on how to build biceps and triceps at home.

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  • Magic Fruit Papaya and Its Nutritional Benefits

    This article is the first in series of power foods. The article will let you know the nutritional benefits, immunity boosting properties and disease prevention properties of the power-fruit Papaya. Not only this, get your hands on those delectable recipes in the end! Read on!

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  • COVID-19 and Fitness Goals: From Sarah Ali Khan to Varun Dhawan, Celebrities Work Out at Home!

    Home workout is a challenge because your consistency and determination don’t remain the same after a few sessions at home. You need to be motivated enough to achieve your fitness goals. How celebrities are keeping up with their fitness goals, will inspire you to stay fit, in this article.

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  • 5 Top Best Body Transformations for Movies in Bollywood

    There is a lot of sweat and unimaginable will-power which goes into making of ‘strong’ character in literal sense. This article features top 5 popular stars who nailed the look and feel and inspired many to be fit like them.

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  • Chest Workout at Home with Dumbbells

    When you have to stay at home or on an off, will you miss on your workouts? No, you can build enviable chest muscles right at home and if you already have them, you can maintain the same. All you need is a set of dumbbells to begin with. This article will let you know how to build wide chest at home.

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  • Working from Home? Circuit Training can Save your Day for Losing Weight

    Losing weight becomes a tiresome and boring process apart from other hard work you put in. It is important to enjoy this journey to reap the maximum out of it. This article will let you know how you can exercise at home and lose weight.

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  • Gyms to be Avoided during the Coronavirus Outbreak? Really?

    As COVID-19 pandemic takes over many countries in its grip, it’s scare has made people wonder about the place which is considered the strong supporting ground for one’s health and fitness – gyms. We must know some of the facts before deciding not to go to the gym! Read in this article.

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  • Gyms to be Avoided during the Coronavirus Outbreak? Really?

    As COVID-19 pandemic takes over many countries in its grip, it’s scare has made people wonder about the place which is considered the strong supporting ground for one’s health and fitness – gyms. We must know some of the facts before deciding not to go to the gym! Read in this article.

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  • How to Lose Belly Fat without Going to Gym? Tips for Getting Flat Stomach

    Belly Fat or the fat which has massed up on your abdominal region – this causes lethargy, inflexibility and is a result of a laid back lifestyle with less physical exercise and eating without thinking about nutrition. In this article you will learn how to lose stubborn belly fat and keep it off forever!

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  • Boost your Immunity with These 3 Powerful Vitamins

    Our present food habits and lifestyle have taken a toll on our immunity and we are falling prey to bacterial and viral infections more frequently now. This is a matter of concern and hence, this article focuses on 3 essential vitamins to keep make your immune system strong enough to protect you.

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  • Iron Deficiency and Treatment in Indian Pregnant Women

    It is a matter of concern because maternal anemia is the cause of death of 18% children in the womb or while birth and death of 20% of mothers during or while giving birth in South Asian countries including India. Awareness and education about Iron deficiency is the only way to tackle this problem.

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  • Iron Deficiency and Treatment in Indian Pregnant Women

    It is a matter of concern because maternal anemia is the cause of death of 18% children in the womb or while birth and death of 20% of mothers during or while giving birth in South Asian countries including India. Awareness and education about Iron deficiency is the only way to tackle this problem.

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  • HIIT: The Ultimate Fat Loss Workout with Rachana Singh – Team Metapure

    If Fat Loss is becoming a challenge considering your busy life, HIIT can rescue you. The exercises are done with fast intensity, take less time, and require no equipment. With consistency, fat loss becomes an easier task. Rachana Singh demonstrates 3 anywhere anytime HIIT moves in this article.

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  • 3 Major Exercises to Gain Muscle Mass by Mausam – Team Metapure

    Off-season is bulking season for many athletes. Even if you are just starting up again, it becomes a difficult task to gain muscles mass. In this article Mausam, illustrates 3 exercises which will help you gain muscle mass and are all time favorite for the maximum pump in your muscles.

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  • Time to Have your Glass of Milk and Build Muscle!

    Why to take milk for your daily protein supply? What makes a unique supplier of protein and why milk should be included in your diet? Get answers to these questions in this article.

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  • Eugenics Nutrition - Because There are No Shortcuts to Success, Only Consistent Efforts!

    Everyone needs an effective supplement partner in his or her fitness journey. When you fall short of nutrition in your daily diet, you need a right supplement to support you substantially. Here, an honest brand like Eugenics Nutrition can step in. Read further to know more.

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  • 5 Instagram Hacks for Fitness Professionals

    The article gives you smart hacks to get your Instagram ringing. If you really want your Instagram to do business for you, you must go through this write-up by Mrinalini. She unravels some quintessential hacks which can help you build an impressive profile. Read further to know more.

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  • 10 Nutrition Tips for New Runners

    This article gives new runners an insight on how to take care of their nutritional needs during or around their run. These 10 nutrition tips will help you perform a balancing act with your diet in a better way. Read further to know more.

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  • 4 Ways to Stay Motivated to Workout in Winters: Weight Loss

    Winters have casted a lazy spell on you by this time. But this time is the actual time to prepare your summer beach bodies. Before your weight loss goals take a backseat in blankets, read this article!

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  • 10 Smart Tips to Travel Fit and Strong

    Enjoy your travel without compromising on your fitness. In fact, take your fitness a notch up next time you travel by following these 10 magical tips!

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  • 10 Dietary Supplements for Overall Health!

    How to take supplements and how taking some supplements helps you in leading a healthy and active life – this article lists 10 dietary supplements you should take to lead a healthy and active life!

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  • Bulking Diet Foods for Hardgainers

    This is a beginner’s guide to gaining. Many people who are working out on their own often can’t keep a watch on what they are eating and how to add variety to it. This article gives a list of foods which will support your hard work and help you in bulking it in a healthy way.

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  • Supercharge Your Workout with These 5 Essential Minerals

    You have heard of carbs and protein, you have paid importance to vitamins as ultimate source of power to perform your workouts and get results. But, you are missing on the other most important nutrient which is necessary for muscle strength, flexibility, bones, heart and lungs. This article reveals more.

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  • Fact-file of Egg Nutrition

    Eggs are the common breakfast plate item in almost every household throughout the world. Still, there are several notions about the legendary delicacy and power food about which we need to know more so that our bodies can get the maximum benefits after having them.

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  • On A Diet on Diwali? Stop Getting Embarrassed and Eat!

    Many of you just hide yourself on Diwali and avoid family dinners and parties just because you can’t admit that you are on a diet on Diwali and are scared of your mismanaged waistline once it is over too! Well, you don’t need to do that! This article will let you know how to enjoy your Diwali on a diet.

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  • Research says More Repetitions don’t Ensure Muscle Hypertrophy

    It is a common misconception that higher the number of reps, heavier the weights, more is the muscular hypertrophy. Let us not believe on what you ‘feel’ but let us concentrate on what actually happens inside your body and what actually can bring results. Read this article to know it.

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  • Fall Workouts Result in More Energy and Immunity in Winters

    Fall is the best time to get in shape. Yes, you read it right. Most of fitness experts agree to it. This article will let you know why and how this time of the season offers you an opportunity to look and feel fitter and better!

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  • 6 Best Supplements and Vitamins for Weight Loss

    If your dietary plans and workout schedule are not bearing significant results, you might just be deficient in one or more vitamins or important nutrition. In this article, we will list out 6 of the most effective supplements and vitamins which help you progress better in your weight-loss goal.

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  • Finding Little Time for Exercise? – Switch to Interval Training!

    Many of us find it difficult to exercise and more than that we find it difficult to take out time from our daily grind for the same. If you really look forward to get in shape, get healthier and fitter with the amount of time you have, this article tells you how Interval Training can help you.

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  • Yes, Water Helps You Lose Weight And Gain Muscle!

    No doubt exercising is very important for health but what about hydration? Are you drinking enough water during workout? Do you know the drawbacks of not taking enough water during workout? This article will help you in finding out the answers to your questions.

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  • Yes, Water Helps You Lose Weight And Gain Muscle!

    No doubt exercising is very important for health but what about hydration? Are you drinking enough water during workout? Do you know the drawbacks of not taking enough water during workout? This article will help you in finding out the answers to your questions.

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  • DAA Supplementation: Is it Important for Athletic Performance?

    Know everything about DAA (D-aspartic acid) – from its functioning pattern in the human body to its benefits and side-effects to its recommended dosage. Read this research based article to update your knowledge.

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  • Multivitamins: The Strong Base for All Other Supplementation for Your Body

    How many of you have been consuming all sorts of proteins are still are not feeling full enough, still think that your immunity is failing the purpose of having a great body? If this is the case, you are missing the most important supplement in your list – Multivitamins! Read more about them in this article.

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  • Powerful Fat Burning Exercise: Mountain Climbers

    If time is your problem and efficiency is your goal! Find the exercise that can burn calories in the least amount of time and improves overall fitness. Don’t like to do the regular workout then try this magical fat burning exercise – Mountain Climber.

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  • How AAKG Acts as a Muscle Booster?

    Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate or AAKG is a dietary supplement used by bodybuilders and all kinds of athletes to boost their sports performance, reduce muscle fatigue and enhance recovery. AAKG supplementation may also have other added benefits for various diseases. Read more to know how AAKG functions in your body and benefits health.

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  • Meals: Before, During and After Workout

    If you have been feeling tired during workout or losing your energy after it, if you wish to perform better while exercising and gain in a better way then you need to read this article!

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  • That's What We Call - 'A Super Chest and Back Superset Workout!'

    The dream physique actually depends on strong, defined and massive chest and back. If you have tried building it by devoting one day to each, now try merging the two with these super superset workouts. These supersets are paired thoughtfully to bring maximum hypertrophy. Read more to know more.

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  • 5 Proven Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

    How does apple cider vinegar boost your health and helps your recover in various illnesses? Especially, if you are looking forward to lose weight, how it is going to help you? Get all the answers in this article.

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  • How to Eat Right and Be Fit?

    In order to eat right, you have to include right nutritional plan into your diet. It is good to consult a good nutritionist. But if you have to maintain it all by yourself, keep in mind the tips given in this article.

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  • Shoulder Workout Routine for Bigger Gains

    This article gives you an insight on the science behind shoulder workouts. A short shoulder workout routine is rounded up here in 5 exercises which give a wholesome segregated emphasis on each delt (anterior, lateral and posterior), traps and rotator cuffs.

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  • Ginger Lime Chicken

    This mouth-watering chicken dish is full of Asian flavor with the nutritional benefits of chicken. It can be had any time of the day. Increase or decrease quantity according to your appetite. Cook it and relish it!

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  • ZMA for Improved Athletic Performance and Improved Sleep

    ZMA supplementation has gained popularity in the Indian subcontinent as well as the world. Let’s know through this article, what exactly is ZMA and how it may add to your athletic performance, boost immune system and improve sleep. Also know, how and what quantity it should be taken.

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  • Asia’s Largest and India’s Favorite Health, Sports and Fitness Festival: The Story[Pre]

    IHFF – Big Muscles Nutrition presents Sheru Classic 2019 (Pragati Maidan, Delhi). The world will be there from July 5, 2019 to July 7, 2019! This article lets you know all about the revolutionary festival, its vision and purpose.

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  • EFAs: Essential for Muscle Growth and Fat Loss

    This article is a knowledge bank on how essential fatty acids do the background work for optimal muscle growth and fat loss in human body. While protein is the front runner, EFAs of different kind boost the healthy growth of cells in body intrinsically. The article states types, quantity, supplementation and role of EFAs to guide you towards right management of weight and muscles.

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  • 10 Fitness Facts Your Trainer Missed Telling You!

    This article reveals what you must know before beginning with your training sessions. Applying your mind is extremely essential for setting and getting your goals. These important facts on fitness remain untold by trainers most of the times.

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  • Super Growth with 3 BCAAs

    Do you want to train harder and longer without getting exhausted then this article will help you in knowing how you can enhance your performance.

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  • 5 Supplements: Include In Your Diet to Gain It Right!

    There are common nutrients which we fall short of in our diet, and there are common nutrients which directly or indirectly influence your muscle gain. Learn about them in this article.

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  • Mobility: 10 Do’s and Don’ts

    Many of us encounter difficulty in doing one particular or almost all the similar exercises. These rules are the fundamentals for improved mobility which will carry forward the benefits for years!

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  • How to Lose Weight with Carb Cycling and Carb Matching

    Have you been thinking that carb cycling is gaining or not losing weight? There is a revelation for you here. Know how combination of carb cycling and carb matching can help you to lose weight? You will get to know the answers of the questions that were always raised!

    Apr 22, 2019 Read More..
  • The Building Blocks for Muscles: Protein and Creatine

    Don’t fall for any formula or misconception. The facts given in this article help you decided better and gain better with protein and creatine supplementation.

    Apr 04, 2019 Read More..
  • Are Fitness Guru’s Cheating You? – Look Before You Bow!

    India is a country which runs of beliefs. People instantly attach faith to anyone proclaiming to get you out of your problems. Even if we leave other aside and talk of doctors, how many of you enquired and researched about the doctor’s authenticity when yours and your family’s health depends upon it, in fact, life depends on it? The answer is evident. Very few conscious people do that. There is this make-believe factor in the word ‘doctor’ that you will find people asking a Ph.D. scholar in some other subject about the treatment of some disease!

    Apr 03, 2019 Read More..
  • Peanut Butter – Here’s All you Need to Know!

    Read how peanut butter can give you the additional health benefits. This article will provide you the nutritional facts of peanut butter.

    Mar 01, 2019 Read More..
  • 10 Powerful and Proven Health Benefits of Protein: Facts you didn’t know!

    Do you know the health benefits of protein? If not then, you must read on the number of health benefits of protein.

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  • 6 Top Cardio Wonder Machines

    If you are training by yourself in the gym, it becomes difficult to steer through your cardio exercise routine, especially, when it comes to choosing the right machine. The article brings up a solution by listing out the beneficial effects of top 6 cardio machines you can work with to reach your weight loss goals.

    Jan 30, 2019 Read More..
  • 5 Benefits of Boxing Sack Bag

    Boxing is a wholesome sport, which requires a high level of athletic prowess: agility, strength, endurance, nerve, power, speed and hand-eye coordination. Do you know that if you opt for boxing as a workout, it hones the same athletic prowess inside you! This article states 5 benefits of boxing sack bag just for you.

    Jan 25, 2019 Read More..
  • Arm Assault Workouts to Mass-Up Your Biceps and Triceps

    The author has assembled the right kind of strategic workout for you if you are looking to add more mass and more strength to arms. Follow them as instructed and see your arms blasting with energy, readily helping you with other exercises later.

    Jan 22, 2019 Read More..
  • Pedal Your Way to a Stronger Brain!

    Yes, cycling can make your brain stronger and brighter! This seems a rather confusing and illogical statement until you read this article. The simple explanation of its benefits will enlighten your view on the topic.

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  • 5 Mixed Workouts to Strengthen your Lower Abs

    Many fitness freaks fall short of a well-balanced mass-up and strength. Areas like lower abs get ignored more often. This article will unravel the secret of building strong lower abs.

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  • Full-Body HIIT Circuit for Weight Loss by Jyoti Burrett

    Weight loss is a common interest of people all over the world. High Intensity Interval Training as the name suggests involves whole of your body and is extremely beneficial for fat loss or weight loss. Apart from burning fat faster, it helps build endurance, effective use of your energy, increases metabolism, it keeps working on burning fat even after you leave your gym, you don’t need special gym equipments to do it, focuses on losing fat and not the muscles, it makes an effective cardio and good for your heart’s health, you have option of choosing your own workouts and the most interesting part is that you don’t get bored throughout!

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  • 5 Tips to Avoid Injuries in Crossfit Training

    If you are thinking that Crossfit is an easy way of staying fit then you will be in for a shock once you discover that this is hardcore extreme training which adapts your body in weight training, aerobics, running and gymnastics. So it is all the more important for you to take measures to avoid all the possibilities of getting injured. The article gives you important tips to do so.

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  • Manoj Patil Gives On-Stage Motivation With His Best Poses

    Posing is the main thing that you should know to win the title. If you don’t know how to pose there’s a little chance to do well in the field of bodybuilding.

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