Nutan Khimasiya

Nutan Khimasiya

Nutan Khimasiya certified Fitness and Nutrition expert. Nutan Khimasiya is internationally certified Fitness and Nutrition expert from ACSM-Clinical Nutrition, K11-Sports Nutrition, NESTA- Fitness Nutrition Coach and SCA- Powerlifting coach.

Achievement: Nutan Khimasiya has anexperience of 5 years. She has transformed more than 400 clients across India and abroad making them aware of the healthy lifestyle and practices to be followed for a lifetime. Winner of “Nutritionist of the year 2019” awarded by Fitness Excellence Awards


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  • A Touch of Magic: All in one Gravy

    Imagine being able to make a recipe without compromising on taste buds and save a lot of extra calories. If you want to lose weight or having cardiac problems such small steps can help in a big way.

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  • Uncontrolled Diabetes Even After Medication? Here's What to Do

    Do you know - If medicines, diet and exercise are not giving results, it is quite likely that beta cells in your pancreas that produce insulin have become less efficient, here you need a change in medication. Nutan Khimasiya’s article will help you how you can regulate your sugar

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  • 5 Blood Donation Myth Busting Facts by Nutan Khimasiya

    There are some of you who are scared of donating blood because of the prevalent myths around this noble deed. Some just shy away citing those myths too. Time to bust all the myths on the counter, and prepare for donating life giving blood with Nutan Khimasiya.

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  • Let Good Nutrition Fight Against Covid-19 by Nutan Khimasiya

    While you are locked down at your home, utilize this time to self-check your nutrition and strengthen your immune system with right eating habits. In this article, Nutan Khimasiya lists foods that make our immune system strong enough.

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  • Nutritional Therapy for Epilepsy – by Nutan Khimasiya

    Epilepsy is a medical condition with which people have been fighting since childhood. It is important to be aware to manage this condition because apparently, there is no permanent cure for it. Nutan Khimasiya, shares her research-based facts in this article on epilepsy.

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  • Nutritional Therapy for Cancer – by Nutan Khimasiya

    A severe malnutrition compromises the capacity of the immune system, due to weakened organs and wasting of tissues involved in body's immunity. Good nutrition helps combating sustained attacks of diseases like cancer. Nutan Khimasiya lists down how nutrition helps you prevent and

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  • 7 Ways to Kickstart Workout for Weightloss - by Nutan Khimasiya

    Has there has been a gap in your workout routine and a break in your goal due to high work-pressure or a family function or an illness? Weight-loss is not a short term goal and hence, in this article, Nutan reveals strategic and doable ways to come back to your fitness routine on

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  • Giant Set Training – by Nutan Khimasiya

    Giant set is one of those exercises which is used by professional bodybuilders to increase volume and stimulate their muscles. It is different from Superset as a Giant set comprises of 3 or more exercises in an order. Nutan Kimasiya explains in this article how it helps in muscul

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  • Why Supersets Training? – by Nutan Khimasiya

    Supersets Training is gaining momentum in training schedules. However, there are many apprehensions regarding the same, why it should be opted for, what are its benefits and is it more exhaustive, etc. Learn all about supersets training in this comprehensive article by Nutan Khim

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  • Time Under Tension (TUT) Training

    Time Under Tension is an advanced technique which involves slow concentric or eccentric movements which increases the time the muscle is under tension. With Nutan Khimasiya’s well-researched article, learn how TUT helps in muscle hypertrophy and how you can train well with it.

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  • Nutritional Needs During Pregnancy By Nutan Khimasiya

    Pregnancy is a demanding physiological state, the 9 months between conception and the birth of a baby is a complex period of rapid growth and functional development which require increased energy and nutritional support. The point of this article is to give you the nutritional gu

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  • Nutrition Guide to Weight-loss in PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome)

    PCOS patients are mostly clueless about how to lose weight and it becomes a vicious circle for their health. The article is extremely useful for women suffering from PCOS and guides them how they can lose weight by managing their diet and regulating their nutrition.

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  • Common Myths about Weight Loss

    Before you follow any fad diet or killing exercise regimen to shed those extra kilos, you need to get your facts straight! The 10 myths listed out in this article will blow away the dust in your mind and give you a fresh perspective.

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  • Full Body Workout Plan for Beginners

    You have just started exercising and you need a full body workout plan for overall fitness and weightloss? Below is the full body gym workout of approx. 45 min with appropriate techniques for each exercise, including warm up, cardio, strength training and cool down by Nutan Khima

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