Nitu Pal

Nitu Pal

Nitu Pal is a nutritionist. She runs her own clinic in Bhopal. She is an expert in kids’ nutrition, cardiac issues pregnancy, diabetes, thyroid, PCOS and liver issues. She believes in ‘Eat Healthy Stay Healthy’.

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  • 7 Mantras for Weight Loss in Diabetes - by Nitu Singh

    Nowadays, every third person seems to be struck by Diabetes because of lifestyle disorders more than because of the bloodline. Dietician Nitu Singh gives you 7 sure-shot mantras to lose weight and control blood sugar together in this article.

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  • Power-Nutrition for School Going Children

    Nitu Pal as a nutritionist stresses upon a balanced diet for children in school going age because these years form the foundation for their body and mind to prepare for life ahead. If you have been wondering how to take care of your child’s health through food – this article has all the answers!

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  • Fight Off Diabetes Mellitus with Right Knowledge and Food!

    Nitu Pal reveals all that you need to know about Diabetes – an epidemic lifestyle and hereditary disease bothering people worldwide. Know how you can fight it off successfully anywhere with right foods and home remedies. This article is a wholesome comprehensive data to arm you with all the needed information about diabetes!

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  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: Foods to Avoid and Eat

    If you are facing the problem of PCOS and don’t know how to deal with it. What to eat or not to eat in PCOS? In this article nutritionist Nitu Pal will give you all the basic details of PCOS.

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  • Management of Hypothyroidism Through Exercises

    Exercise is probably the first and last thing you do no matter your hypothyroidism is controlled or uncontrolled. You will be surprised after reading this article as exercising is a way to control hypothyroidism!

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