Dr. Navodita Pande

Dr. Navodita Pande

Navodita Pande is a journalist and has also authored books on TV journalism and Yoga. She has been doing Yoga since the age of nine. She taught Yoga at the age of fifteen to young Yoga practitioners in school. Later, she began teaching yoga to ladies of Allahabad. She moved further to teach Yoga at Hare Rama Hare Krishna Mandir in Lower Manhattan, New York and in Cardiff Yoga Studio in Cardiff. She is currently teaching Yoga to young children and wishes to make a healthy foundation in communion with mind and body for the coming generation. Her foundation of learning Reiki and Art of Living further add value to her effective sessions of Yoga.

She is pursuing her doctorate and right now she is a professor of Journalism at Dainik Jagran’s institute of Journalism (Kanpur).

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