Muhammed Javed

Muhammed Javed

Muhammed Javed Subbah completed degree in physical therapy from India and then concentrated on working in hospitals for orthopaedic, sports rehabilitation. Constant learning and working parallel in clinical, for fitness professionals, state and national players made him better in many different aspects of sports rehabilitation and training. He is also closely associated with Reebok for marathon runners, for training and injury prevention.

He is teaching physical therapists and fitness professional as Master Instructor of Barefoot Training Education from Evidence Based Fitness Academy; USA. Twist Master Coach from Twist Conditioning; Canada, Master Instructor for Trigger Point Therapy; UAS. His experience in training lead him to host Indians First International Education event "Barefoot Training Summit" through his own startup as a Co-Founder for MOVE fit. He later served at California Chiropractic and Sports Medicine Canter (Dubai) for 3 years. 

He is the founder of, an education and research company and Head of Training and development as Adam's Genetics.

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