Mrinalini Agarwal

Mrinalini Agarwal

Mrinalini Agarwal is an Ace Certified Personal Trainer, Digital Marketer, Marketing Manager at Classic Fitness Academy.

She started off as a teenage model, did amazing shoots, got featured in various TVCs and learned a lot about the industry.She handled her brother’s gym for a year or two then joined Classic Fitness Academy to pursue ACE. After completion of her course, she joined Classic Fitness and became a Marketing Manager there. She is a fitness author and has written a lot on the subject. She is a Personal Trainer, Website Content Developer, Digital Marketing Manager and Social Media Manager packaged into one professional now.


  • Social Media: The New Office for Fitness Industry in Corona Crisis

    This article highlights how social media has become the new workstation for the survival fitness industry. It describes how social media can be effectively used to boost the fitness industry and how it has become the new normal.

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    You are fitness professional and your passion is helping people in leading a fit life. But why are you there on social media? Does social media following really help you market yourself? How can you accentuate your reach and be really seen, get a genuine following along with clie

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  • Life with Endometriosis and How to Beat it – by Mrinalini

    Endometriosis is condition which most of the women are battling these days. Some have got used to it but it is more important to learn how to live a healthy life while managing it. It can be very painful and taxing for overall health as it is not curable. Read further to know how

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  • What Should Athletes Do to Get Sponsored?

    Athletes are most of the time spending money on competitions, their training and nutrition. The only earning source after bagging a few titles is to get sponsored. How a winning association can be established between influencers/athletes and brands? Mrinalini answers this questio

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  • What You See is Not What You Get! – by Mrinalini Agarwal

    It has been time, we get so absorbed by social media glamour and start almost killing ourselves to look like those fabulous bodies posted there. It is true that they did that and it is hard earned but it is also true that what worked for them might not at all work for you. If you

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