Monika Chahar

Monika Chahar

Monika Chahar is a young journalist who has worked with media houses like Hindustan Times and Dainik Jagran group (special coverage of Jagran Film Festival). She has also developed content for Dusbus. A fitness enthusiast herself, she now works for as a journalist.

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  • Your Bad Fitness Habits That Are Wasting All of Your Workout

    Do you have perfect regime but even after working out so hard, you are not satisfied with your health and fitness. If this is the case, you need to change your some of your habits that are affecting you workout and hurting your expectations.

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  • Morning or Evening Workout: Pros and Cons

    Are you a person who hits the gym with the dawn when all the world is awake or a person who refreshes his/her mind after a long tired day? Which one is correct? Whether you can exercise any time of the day or any specific time is optimal? Read this article to know about it.

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  • Coconut Water and Lemon Juice Recipe For Weight Loss

    Is coconut water helpful in reducing weight? If you have the same question then read the full article!

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  • Reasons Behind Rising Popularity of MMA

    With the increasing popularity of the MMA, we should take care of our health and safety measures of the sport. Don’t worry, despite of the bloody face it is safer than other combat sports.

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  • Kick-Start your Morning with Overnight Oats

    You can win your day by starting your morning perfectly. You all have heard it thousand times that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. To know the best option to start your day with great breakfast. Read the’s overnight oats recipe!

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  • Run to Lose Weight before it’s Too Late

    You should know all the necessary details before putting your shoes on! This article will help you to start running to be fit and lose the extra kilos that you are trying to hide behind your clothes and excuses!

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  • Handstand Push Up: A Great Upper Body Exercise

    Handstand Push up is arguably the most difficult upper body exercise but effective also. So there should be no reason that you cannot achieve the unachievable thing. Don’t give up, be ready to amaze yourself!

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  • Fat Burning Supplements For Women

    This product that product! Information is overloaded. Know the right supplements that should be included in your weight loss diet plan

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  • Secrets of Weight loss in Summers for Women

    Don’t worry about the summers, just start adopting the changes! Summer is basically a great time to lose weight as in summers appetite is on vacation!

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  • Workout Isn’t Some Work – It is Life!

    With the onset of summers, why not sizzle with a fitter and healthier version of yourself? This article give a message to the women - how exercise can change the way you look, feel and perform in life.

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  • How To Make Healthy Chocolate Protein Pancakes

    Well, if you are a fitness freak but just because of this you can’t enjoy your birthday parties full-heartedly, has got a better, equally tasty and healthier option for you.

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  • 7 Core-Blasting Pilate Moves

    Remember Pilate exercises are designed to target your core not just your abs and core is one of the most important part to strengthen the overall fitness. The aim of this article is to guide the beginners for strengthening the core with Pilates exercises. In this video-article Certified Pilate Instructor Priya Roongta demonstrates 7 core-blasting Pilate exercises for you.

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  • Savour Summer Smoothies to Reach Fitness Goals

    Are you tired of drinking sodas and juices? Try cooling healthy smoothies this summer! A common question which is asked most often is that how one can keep oneself hydrated with healthy drink but good in taste. Is it possible to have healthy and tasty drink at the same time?

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  • Chin Ups v/s Pull Ups: Which One Is Better?

    Chin Ups and Pull Ups – both have their sets of merits but there are different ways in which they benefit you. The article talks about those benefits marking the difference and setting the importance.

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  • Top 6 Dumbbell Variations You Didn’t Know

    Deadlift is known as the ‘King of the exercises’. If you are new to strength training then you can easily start with deadlift – Yes, deadlift with a set of dumbbells!

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  • 4 Reasons to Workout with Water Rowing Machine: The Fitness Game Changer

    Many people may wonder what makes water rowing machines a beneficial workout platform and how using water rowing machine is as effective as other exercises. Did you know that Water Rowing is a total cardiovascular workout. It can burn hundreds of calories, tightens your legs amazingly. This articles states 4 concrete reasons which will make you hit the wonder machine right away!

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  • Beat The Heat With This Refreshing Watermelon Smoothie

    Take advantage of watermelon season and try this delicious and refreshing smoothie!

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  • Upper Body Workout For Women: Must Lift The Weights

    Upper Body workout makes body toned and reduces body fat instead of making body bulky. This workout routine will increase the muscle size due to which body will consume more carbohydrate and fat and it will result in slimmer body. This article encourages you to reduce the duration of cardiovascular exercises and invest that time in lifting the weights.

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  • Arms Superset Workout For Toned And Strong Arms

    Arms are the billboard of your physique and hence, stronger they are, stronger is your statement. This article gives you selected superset workouts to hit those flashy arm-muscles.

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  • Want Better Results? Warm Up Well before your Workout!

    This research-based article explores all you can do to warm up before exercise and cool down after workout. It digs deep into its physiological and psychological benefits.

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  • Protein Muesli Smoothie: Power Packed Recipe for Muscle Gain

    The taste is the main thing that matters! This is the perfect recipe of chia seeds and banana that you can drink daily.

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  • Myths Reality Check: Women Strength Training

    What thing is holding you back from doing strength training? Is it that misconception that you have heard thousands of times from your surroundings? Don’t believe one of these myths because reality is differs from that. If you will not break out strength training myths they would not die.

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  • 5 Variations of Bicep Curl for Peaked Arm

    Love to show-off the cuts and curls from the sleeves? Build muscled peaks up your sleeves with these 5 variations of bicep curls!

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  • 20 minutes Summer Abs Circuit Workout

    Getting six pack abs is not magic because you have to work hard to get a single pack. Over the years abs workout became one of the most popular exercise. The latest trend in the fitness world is abs workout. If you want to live your life healthy then you have to invest few hours in workout every day.These days most of the people crave for that flat tummy and chiselled abs. This trend got hyped from the celebrities and sports persons.

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  • Unknown Facts about Calisthenics

    Most of the readers may have this question in mind: What’s Calisthenics? Reason being in the times of body weight training, CrossFit and bodybuilding, etc. Calisthenics is not getting the limelight but it has its own history and benefits.

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  • Now That’s How You Must Stretch!

    Did you know that there is a right method of stretching like exercising. There are different types of stretches too. The article highlights the dos and don’ts while stretching which is an important part of any exercise regimen you take up.

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  • Complete Fact-file of Balanced Diet

    By having balanced diet you can achieve your fitness goals as the weightage of diet is 70% while workout weightage id 30%. Know the key facts of balanced diet.

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  • Power-Up with these 3 Powerlifting Exercises!

    Strength is determined by the style of powerlifitng. Learn how squats, Bench press and Deadlift do wonder-job at your muscles in this article.

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  • Broccoli and Pine Nuts Saute

    Five ingredients but various health benefits! Go crazy with this yummy recipe that is very easy to make.

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  • Gain Muscles With These 3 Kettlebell Workouts

    Crossfit classic 21-15-9 W.O.D. ‘21-15-9’ is one of the crossfit workout repetition routine. In a 21-15-9 classic the athlete performs 21 reps of each movement followed by 15 and 9 movements of each exercise. Anuj tells you how to perform it with a blend of powerful exercises.

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  • Red-Green Chicken Salad

    This colourful and healthy recipe is a great option to get rid of craving. Don’t crave anymore!

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  • Post Workout Blues? Here’s How to Recharge!

    What you eat? When you eat? Pay attention to the 3 R’s of Recovery Nutrition! Why do you need recovery nutrition? What are the benefits of recovery nutrition in the life of an athlete or a bodybuilder?

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