Kapil Lohia

Kapil Lohia

I am Kapil Lohia, 26 years old Delhi based Men’s physic athlete and a fitness model owner of MAXX GYM Delhi. I have won some prestigious titles which makes me feel that my work has been recognized which encouraged me to do more.

I was passionate about fitness and I started working out at the age a very young age of 18 and I was sure that my career and future is in this fitness field only.

It’s been a great journey and I didn’t faced any health issues, but few minor and injuries, I got a chest muscle breakdown while doing chest workout and it take around an year to recover. The injuries didn’t break my morale and I continued working on myself even after that. The most challenging thing for me in the whole journey was to gain weight, as I was very skinny and thin guy. For gaining muscle mass, I had to work very hard and stay disciplined throughout. 

My basic workout is:

I workout 6 days a week, I start with cardio and stretching before my weight training and end it with cardio stretching because it recovers muscle fatigue. I prefer doing it in two parts. 

I don’t follow a strict diet, because fitness is a lifestyle not confined to one particular diet. I prefer to eat high protein and fibers and avoid oily and fried food.   

  • Mr. Delhi (2017)

  • Mr. India (2017)

  • IHFF Male model Sheru Classic (2017)

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