Anuradha Nehra

Anuradha Nehra

Ms Anuradha Nehra is founder of Skills & Master Strokes, a young, talented, experienced and extremely enthusiastic lady, who has a positive, charismatic and endearing persona. She has a dynamic character and is a fanatic for learning and inculcating new morals, values and skills. She believes that a person’s knowledge is best applied when used to help people and transform their lives. She is an internationally trained and astute Graphologist and Graphotherapist, who can analyse people by merely glancing at their handwriting for almost 4 years. She strongly feels that her talent can be used to help people deal with their obvious predicaments and baleful problems and bring their life back on track. She has found her niche and believes in the extreme potential of this subject. She has worked for more than 10 years with different enterprises and corporates from the Information Technology, Health and Wellness sector as well as with HR Recruiters and Start-Ups, helping them boost their productivity levels and improve business processes. She strives for excellence and is known for her impeccable track record, as a Graphologist. To be succinct, she can be considered as a connoisseur in her area of expertise.

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