About Us

About Bodyandstrength.com

Bodyandstrength.com is a media house dedicated to Fitness and Sports training industry. We have published 300+ articles, featured more than 100 sports and fitness athletes, coaches, nutritionists, and researchers through our video and article creative coverage.

Apart from this we relay weekly news from the industry from time to time. Most of the fitness industry athletes, icons, entrepreneurs and celebrities have featured with us.We at Bodyandstrength.com run a media portal and have social media presence on almost all the known digital platforms.

What We Do?

Bodyandstrength.com has brought together all the Indian Fitness industry at one media platform aesthetically and is working closely with FICCI to generate knowledge report on the Indian Fitness Industry so that the growth prospects and economic projectile for the same can be tracked with that first-hand information.

Apart from the fitness and sports industry community, bodyandstrength.com’s major audience is the masses across the globe. They learn here from the icons and inspiring stories, get scientific answers to common health problems through research based articles from doctors, researchers, dietitians and nutritionists, stop-by to watch healthy and tasty recipes, get entertained and motivated with interviews and ‘a day in life’ videos.

The endless information on fat-loss, mass-gain, muscle building, apt nutrition and supplementation is presented in structured way for the common people to navigate and get what they wish and need the most – Fitness through Media Creatives with lots of high-voltage Motivation.

Hence, Fitness Media Promotions are there for fitness industry as a whole from athletes to nutritionists to content experts to events and brands; and knowledge, motivational entertainment is there for the masses!

Team Bodyandstrength.com

We are a team of fitness professionals, journalists, graphics and creative content creators. Our production team comprises trained camerapersons/cinematographers, photographers/photo-journalists and video editors. Our forte and talent is media and passion is fitness – no wonder we take our work, like fish takes to water!