About Us

Who are we?

Body and Strength Pvt. Ltd. is a media house, which runs a portal named bodyandstrength.com at present. The portal has video coverages, news bulletins and articles alongside creative and entertaining series on fitness.

Established in 2018, in the span of two years, it has become the largest original databank on fitness in India. The media portal promotes athletes(sports, bodybuilders, coaches, trainers, Commonwealth, Olympic, Asiads, Nationals), nutritionists, events and brands and connects to the common people as audience and readers.

Body and Strength now strives to be World’s First and most resourceful OTT platform, which will be relaying entertaining and informative fitness shows.

What We Do?

We produce and relay an array of creative programs. Some of them, which are produced and to be produced by Body and Strength are based on:

Media Promotions

Involves brands, events, media campaigns and shows, athletes, coaches, nutritionists and indus-try updates among the masses.

Web Channel

Establishing world’s first fitness media channel, Body and Strength aims at spreading right knowledge, strategic information while transforming entertainment into education.

  • Workout based web-series
  • Biopics and documentaries on Trendsetters
  • Reality & Entertainment shows
  • Nutrition based web-series
  • Talk shows

With the advent of Media Infotainment platforms, viewers will be learning about exercise and getting educated with workout knowledge in a MORE ENTERTAINING WAY rather than just classes or sessions. There will be healthy recipes, lifestyle of athletes, reality shows and talk shows etc.

For brands, athletes, fitness shows, events, it is a single platform to address large number of users in a MORE ALIGNED AND FOCUSED WAY.