Strong Like a Woman – Bani J’s Inspired Back Workout Routine was in awe of this woman! She lifts heavy like an athlete, she is unapologetically passionate for fitness and gym certainly makes her life go round. Watch her talking to you about her life and perform super-inspiring back workout in this video!

A VJ, actor and fitness enthusiast, Bani J’s shares with you how she grew up in an environment which gave importance to fitness and it is all inbuilt in her – the love for workout and she feels at home doing every kind of workout day in and day out. She said that she can warm up, do supersets and fine in doing most of the exercises but that is on days when she is eating in the middle of her workouts.

She grew up in Chandigarh and at her home, her mom was very sick since she was 3 years old. She also said that she has serious vivid memories of seeing her mom going to the gym, Bani used to come back from school and prepared her tiffin for her which was mostly brown bread and boiled egg-whites with just salt and pepper. Her face beamed when she said that she has done track and field which included javeline, long jump, high jump and hurdles etc. She ruminated that it was so much fun!

She wished to read all of those magazines on strength training for women and men like Hers and Fitness, all the international international issues used to cost around INR 600 to 700 and she used to feel that it was too expensive couldn’t get to read them then. Further, in her message to the nation she insisted that everyone must get involved in some sort physical activity daily and keep themselves fit and raring to go. She said that she feels good when people get motivated by watching her videos on the socials and do comment that they have joined the gym, started working out. Well, yes, Bani J you are right, also thinks that you are doing a great job inspiring and motivating the nation and helping them in gaining fitness consciousness!

Bani J talked to and also did the following back-building exercises as part of her routine:


Bent Over Cable Push Down

One Arm Dumbbell Row


Lats Pull Down Front

Lats Pull Down Behind the Neck


As Bani J puts it, to know what she is doing in her life, her diet plan, especially, when she is travelling and almost everything informational, you must follow her on her Instagram and Twitter.

Bani J

A popular fitness icon, Bani J aka Gurbani Judge, rose to fame with MTV Roadies Season 4 where she finished runner up, she continued her association with the show in Season 5 as.... Read More..


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