Mahender Rajput - Olympia Amateur Gold Medalist shares his fitness journey

The meaning of bodybuilding is totally different for me! I believe in crossing all the boundaries with passion and dedication.

I am Mahender Rajput an Indian athlete from Delhi, owner of a chain of gyms known as Iron Champ gym across Delhi- NCR. According to me healthy lifestyle is a religion, gym is a temple and body is the priest, providing healthy tips, best exercises and motivating people to have a healthy lifestyle.

Since I started my journey in 1995, I have trained many athletes who had competed and won different national and international. I am in association with DNS Nutrition, Promoter of Horse Balm and Radge Wear-Gym apparels.

In fitness industry, people have to promote themselves on their own and it is not easy because this sport has no career in the long run and dedication is the only key which helps in crossing all boundaries.


Working hard for my fitness goals, the inspiration came from watching Pumping Iron in 1994, I am a huge fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Afterwards, I decided to transform.

Workout Schedule:

In my workout routine I workout 6 days a week

  • Monday: Chest Biceps
  • Tuesday: Shoulder Triceps
  • Wednesday: Legs
  • Thursday: Back
  • Friday: Abs and Crossfit
  • Saturday: Legs

In my diet I include Carbs, Protein and Minerals.

In off season I take 5000-6000 calories per day and in training season I take 2000-2500 calories per day.


  • 3 times Mr. India and
  • 5 times Mr. North India
  • 4 times Mr. YMCA
  • Gold medalist Bodypower  2018 (category-85kgs)
  • Bronze medalist Sheru Classic (category-70kg)
  • Gold Medalist Mr. Amateur Olympia 2018

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