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  • Mind and Body: How to Strike a Balance?

    Only hectic workout and only nutritional diet cannot give you a healthy lifestyle. You need to balance between everything- mind-body, workout-diet!

  • BMI Calculator

    Body Mass Index is the recommended method for diagnosing overweight and obesity. It evaluates the relationship between body weight and height. It expresses weight-height relationship and provides a more accurate measure than body weight alone.

  • 8 Things Beginners Must not do - Guradesh Mann

    If you are an aspiring athlete or have just begun with the gym and it is already a pain in your ass. No doubt, you have been doing things you were not supposed to do in the first place. Guradesh Mann guides you to train right without blunders to kick-start your routine in this article.

  • Weekly Times: 17th December to 23rd December

    Catch the highlights of Ms. South India (Zonal Championship), Boss Classics Body Building and Physique Championship, India Body Building & Fitness Championship, 6th Shuttlers Open Badminton Championship 2018, Crush Football League, Footprint Marathon and Indoor Sports Fest Badminton.

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